Community Hall

About the Hall

 The Alta Community Hall is the property of the Alta Fire Protection District, and supervised by the Board of Directors.  The Community Hall is a fee based public facility available for use by the residents of Alta and the surrounding communities. The hall is located behind the Alta Volunteer Fire Station at 33950 Alta Bonny Nook Road.  


The construction of the Alta Fire Protection District Community Hall was in coordination with the construction of the Alta Fire Protection District's Fire Station and was financed through he use of a District Bond Measure voted on by the residents an property owners within the District's service area. 

The initial intent was to make the Community Hall available to the residents of the Alta Fire Protection District at not cost, but only if the cost of operating the Community Hall did not affect the AFPD's ability to provide adequate protection to the residents of the district. Over the years, operational costs for the Fire Department have increased at a significantly higher rate than the Districts budget has increased. As such, this has required AFPD to recover the operation and maintenance costs associated with the Community Hall by collecting fees generated by events that are not directly related to the fire protection of the Alta community. The fee based structure is strictly for the purpose of recovering the operating and maintenance costs of the Community Hall portion of the AFPD's facility. With the fees collected the AFPD is able to utilize the taxpayer funds for Fire Department related expenses and activities, while minimizing the budget impacts to the department for operating and maintenance cost related to the Community Center. 

Community Hall Rental Policy
A copy of the Community Hall Rental Policy Manual and Hall Rental Agreement are located at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to rent the Community Hall, please contact the District Clerk at or by calling (530) 389-2676.

This Rental Policy Manual and Rental Agreement were approved and adopted by the Board of Directors on May 3, 2018.


Hall Rental Policy Manual (pdf)


HallRentalAgreement (pdf)